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Art Fabric antique cloth doll signed 1900 17"  225.00, Litho cloth fabric antique doll. 24". Not marked. Very Good condition, clean, no tears  95.00


Antique Beloved Belindy Knickerbocker c1965 missing apron & pantaloons  550.00, Second one with the apron  650.00


Simon & Halbig  #121 antique bisque doll 16" baby orig pate & wig. Dressed in old antique christening gown     750.00 


Black plaid antique doll dress with hat 11", purchased in Paris  225.00, Vintage cotton Red & white 2pc jumper 18"  165.00

More clothes available


 Antique Lenci Mascottes 11 1/2"  550.00


Lg. Kestner #154 bisque antique doll, 28" original wig, shoulder head, kid body, vintage dress & slip     950.00


Antique bisque doll Belton Type 13". Very good condition, some wear at the neck on the body. Replaced wig, eyes set, closed mouth, incised 6, pierced ears. Compo body with bisque arms. Chemise type dress, she needs a new one & a new wig  1800.00


Original Gebruder Heubach doll German antique Christmas Candy Container from the early 1900s: Intaglio eyes, closed mouth, spun cotton suit with extra detail, in the early 1900s style with hat and pom pom, bisque head and hands. The arms are marked with numbers and the back of the head is also. The sled is wood and is marked in pencil underneath. 6 1/4" tall x 5" long including the sled & is 3" wide at the shoulders. Wearing a white suit with red trimmed sleeves, a red scarf and a white hat with a broad red brim. Holds the original yarn strings for the sled. Later dolls had less attention to detail. Excellent condition. Clean and undamaged, has been passed down in one family since the early 1900s     1495.00


Antique tin child's advertising stereoptic viewer. Includes 3 cards, 2 pic on ea card 4 1/4 x 3 x 1 1/4" c1856   425.00



 Bruckner Topsy Turvy antique cloth Doll c1900-20. Has a small cheek rub on the black face. Otherwise very good condition. From a non smoking home    750.00


Antique German bisque head, cotton body Heubach figure ornaments. Medium size:  Sledder 325.00,  Snowball, the cotton on one leg is rough & there's a place on the snowball where it is rough & missing some 2 3/4 x 1"  285.00, Smaller: Snowballs 2 1/2" t  275.00 ea


German Christmas antique sledder has a celluloid head & cotton clothing. The sled has 4 tiny wheels on the bottom. Has a little browning & wear to his hat & coat. 6" t x 6 1/2" long   295.00


Antique Klumpe Flamenco dancer cloth doll 50.00 


R John Wright Kewpie doll 8" MIB all original with papers to register & box, signed   495.00

Antique Porcelain baby with bath  195.00


Antique doll shoes Boots are for a French or German fashion doll, left to right: Vintage leather blue/black 2 3/4" long x 1" wide on the bottom x 2 " tall, these have a shield mark with 3 1/2" inside, the leather could use some conditioner or polishing  165.00, Blue oilskin boots 2 3/4 x 1 1/8 x 2 3/4" tall marked 6   175.00, White fashion boots  3" long x 1 1/4 x 2 3/4 t.  Marked 7   175.00, White & black canvas & leather shoes Boots. 4" long x 1 3/4 x 2 1/2" t.  95.00


 Antique beautiful German winter wonderland large musical Snow House filled with antique porcelain dolls and other accessories. A true fairy tale house to display all year, the house is one of a kind and extremely rare, not something you often see. The house contains many antique items from Erzgebirge. There are so many details in the house, angel dolls, sheep, sleigh, trees, tinsels and more. 8  3/4" w x 13 1/2 x 13 1/2". c1920, although most items included are older. Very good condition. It has a music box, key wind mechanism. Comes from an old German collection.   3900.00



Antique doll shoes:  Black leather 3 1/4 x 1 1/2" 125.00, Brown leather shoes #2  2 x 3/4 x 1" high at the back  225.00, Black & white leather shoes. Signed #2. 2 1/8 x 7/8"  225.00, Black with straps 3 1/2 x 1 1/2"  95.00, White 2 x 1"  45.00, Blue fabric shoes signed 8 3 x 1 1/4"  95.00


Antique French Fashion leather doll boots with heels: 2 1/2 x 1"  195.00, Brown  leather 2 1/8 x 1 1/2", flat heel, 1 flap has a repair 2 1/4 x 1 x 2" tall 95.00


Original Heubach doll antique Christmas Candy Container very large sledder. From the early 1900s. Intaglio eyes, closed mouth, spun cotton suit with extra detail, in the early 1900s style with hat and pom pom, bisque head and hands. Pants are linen or similar material. The arms are marked with numbers and the back of the head is also. The sled is wood and very well made. 12" tall x 12" long including the sled x 5 1/2" wide. Wearing a white suit with red trimmed sleeves, a red scarf and a white hat with a broad red brim. Later dolls had less attention to detail. Excellent condition. I bought this at a show from a European dealer & put it away. I had dealers the whole weekend coming by wanting to see it. I've been told most had never seen this size. I haven't either & this is an outstanding example. Could have been a sample it's so unusual. I've added an extra pic to show the difference in size. The small one next to the lg one is a typical size that you see   5500.00 

22" Closed Mouth turned head Early Kestner #10. Mohair wig, silk dress, antique straw hat, antique underwear, newer shoes, cloth body  1295.00


Antique German Heubach Googly eye candy containers on snowballs: Blue hat 4 x 4" 1195.00, Red hat 7 x 3 1/4", has molded hair, the small ball probably replaced at some point        895.00

A group

 1 2  3 4 5  6

Antique bisque dollhouse dolls: 1)Doll with bun 6"  275.00,  2)6" with apron & with bun  285.00,  3)Simon & Halbig 6"  395.00, 4)Maid 6"  295.00, 5)Small porcelain antique doll 3 3/4" she is permanently on a stand, her clothes have been treated with something to make them stiff  295.00, 6)Maid orig. clothes 6" marked 447 9/0  395.00

 B group

1 2  3 4 5 6 7 9

Antique dollhouse dolls: 1)German Bisque blue dress 4" 125.00, 2)Celluloid baby 2 1/2" molded hair & in antique clothing, bent limb body 95.00,  3)Twins 4 1/2" 495.00, 4)Girl with pretty molded hair 5"  350.00, 5)3 1/4" jointed molded hair  150.00, 6)2 1/2" jointed girl 175.00, 7)Boy 3" 165.00, 8) Man 5" 195.00, 9) Distinctive face 4 1/4" 195.00

 C group

1     2

  3     4 5 6 7)

Antique dollhouse dolls: 1)5 1/4" molded hair with bun, has chatelaine cloth body 375.00, 2)5 1/4" molded hair with bun blue dress cloth body 375.00, 3)4 7/8" molded hair with bun cloth body brown dress & apron 375.00, 4)molded hair with bun cloth body black dress  375.00,  5) 6" Bisque Shoulder Head & Cloth Man Doll Dollhouse German  225.00, 6)Man Cloth body. Dressed well in good condition. 6"  425.00, 7)6 1/2" blonde German antique china head doll. Marked Germany, original bisque arms and legs, stuffed cloth body, dress and pantaloons. She has a belt with a tiny 1" bisque German doll tucked in  225.00

D Group

 1 2 3 456 78    

Antique dollhouse dolls:

1)5" Original dress (melting) 275.00, 2)4 3/4" Bisque  225.00, 3)Lady Nicely dressed 6 1/2"  250.00, 4)All bisque 3 1/2" 295.00, 5) 5" molded hair 325.00, 6)Glass eyes S&H 6 1/2" 375.00,7)Original clothes. Hat, dress, underclothes. Painted face, bisque arms & legs, cloth body  4 1/2" 325.00, 8)Original underclothes Painted face, bisque arms & legs, cloth body 5"   250.00


 Simon & Halbig antique doll #1079  33". Redressed in appropriate German clothes   1500.00


German Antique Christmas child cotton ornaments: Cotton batting clothes, probably a celluloid face. Very good condition, some of the wrapping is loose on the rope. 4 1/2"  195.00, German Antique Christmas child cotton ornament. Cotton batting clothes, probably a celluloid face. Very good condition, some of the wrapping is loose on the rope. 4"  195.00, Child on a ball. Cotton batting clothes. Very good condition, there is a hole on the back of the head, not sure if it's there in the making, has cotton sticking out.  3 t x 1 3/4". Hanger could be added to hang   225.00

Antique French Paper Mache Pull Toy small Bulldog. In really nice condition, growler works, bright red collar. 17 x 14 t x 6". On wheels, collar is nice & full. No damage, comes from an old collection. The blow up of his face & brightness makes his lip look worse then it it   2900.00

Vintage Artist Bear really well done & soft, 21", made with old materials  49.00


Antique German Heubach Santa standing on a platform. Has his bag with a tree, toy, present & bulbs.  7 x 4 1/2 x 2 7/8". Marked Made in Germany on the base     795.00


15" vintage Georgene Raggedy Ann, well loved doll, some dirt marks to face, she came from the original owner  125.00


Simon & Halbig 1078 antique bisque doll 22". Very good condition, old clothes, shoes & underwear. Mohair original wig, sleep eyes   750.00


Konig & Wernicke 1070 antique German bisque character doll 15" sailor with antique paper hat.c1912. Blue glass sleep eyes, painted lower lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils & eye corners, open mouth 2 porcelain upper teeth, tongue, composition & wooden ball jointed body with side hip jointing, well costumed. Marked K&W 1070 IV 6. Very good condition, the hat is an old paper hat marked Made in Germany. Mohair wig & has old underwear. Nice costume    1100.00



Kestner turned shoulder head antique bisque doll 19". Kid body repaired at knee joints. Very good condition, old clothes & underwear. Old wig, sleep eyes, bisque arms, shoes are old oilcloth    650.00

Simon & Halbig #121 14" antique bisque head doll, bent knee compo body. Marked on the head Simon & Halbig 121, wears a German made sailor suit, old oilcloth shoes. He has a couple of worn or broken fingers, otherwise good condition   850.00


Antique Jumeau bisque doll 22". Old peach silk dress, underclothes & shoes.  Pierced ears, set eyes, she is marked with a 9 on her head & body   3400.00


French Bisque Doll Mignonette boy 4 3/4". Bisque head with glass eyes, compo body, original clothes & hair. His shirt is a little discolored with age. The doll is in good condition, his eyes are a little loose & sit back; French Bisque Doll Mignonette girl 4 1/2". Bisque head with glass eyes, compo body, original clothes & hair. Her clothes are somewhat faded & have moth holes on the back. The doll is in good condition     425.00 each, #203 4 1/4" all bisque glass eyes original wig  425.00, 5 1/4" Original dress bisque doll, lace at top added  425.00


Glass eye 9" German bisque antique doll marked 3/0, torso of body replaced. Includes trunk & accessories including an extra gown, hat, muff, basket. Trunk with tray doll 11 x 5 1/4 x 6"     325.00


Antique doll house miniature All bisque jointed doll #203 4"  125.00

Scootles 15" all compo doll. c1925 made by the Cameo Doll Co. Designed by Rose O'Neill. Very good condition, 1 arm has a small line, not a crack & no crazing. Vintage replaced clothes & shoes appropriate to the doll    395.00

             Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls, one of the most comprehensive, well researched and respected books on dolls ever printed. It is highly sought after by collectors. 6th printing. 2000 illustrations & marks in color & black & white. 700 pages & over 1,600 photographs. HB book with dust jacket in very good condition 50.00, Clothes book  75.00


Antique Bisque doll Christmas skier candy container  995.00, Heubach Bisque Face Girl on Sled with Bisque face and hands. Nice detail to face 7 1/2 x 6 1/2" T   795.00, Antique Paper Mache doll Christmas sled candy container  425.00, Santa 8" Made In Japan   195.00


Antique Belsnickle Santa lg size 11 3/4 x 5 1/2"  450.00      more available


c1900's antique Schoenhut Rolly Dolly's Santa Roly Poly medium size paper mache, minor wear overall 9 - 1/4" T  1295.00

Bliss antique paper litho on wood Bowery & Central Park Trolley car, rare hard to find piece in good condition. The horses, conductor & driver have been replaced. The seats swivel in both directions. 17 1/2 x 9 3/4 x 7"   1900.00

4 1/2" Kestner antique all bisque little girl. She has brown sleep eyes (the original wax is missing), the sweetest little face with a cute little closed pouty mouth, expert painting of fine long lashes and brows. She has beautiful bisque and coloring. She has a one piece torso & jointed arms and legs. Her socks are painted white with a blue band & she has black Maryjane shoes. She has a replaced brown mohair wig & a pale blue silk dress made of antique fabrics with an antique under slip. There are no hairlines or repairs. There is a tiny inside chip on her right leg on the torso part c1890  395.00


Antique German Christmas Ornament bisque head, cotton body girl sledder ornament. She wears a silk fringe skirt with a crepe paper jacket. Her sleeves, leggings and hat are cotton. She sits on her original wood sled. There is wear from age to the papery cotton, bisque is fine. Overall very good condition. The sled is 4" long and it measures about 4 1/4" to the top of her head while seated x  1 1/2 "wide   275.00

Antique toile painted child's toy wood top  5 3/4 x 5"   325.00


Antique German Santa on a sled.  He measures 3" tall and the log is 3 3/4" long. He has felt clothes and a composition face with a great expression.  The sled is on a cardboard base. There is old ribbon strapped on at some point. He may have had something on his back at some point 150.00, Antique German Putz Santa on a white mica sled. 3 3/4" tall and the sled is 1 1/2 x 4 3/4" long. He has felt clothes and a composition face with a rabbit fur beard. The sled is cardboard. The back corner is a little bent & a little spotting on the sled, the rest of the piece is in good condition. Marked Germany on the bottom.  185.00


K*R Patriotic antique bisque doll 24", compo body, great wool outfit   1295.00



Antique German fur Cat, glass eyes 3 1/2 l x 1 7/8" t   95.00, Antique toy animal Giraffe, tiny flat hole at the top of his head 2 1/8 x 5 1/4" tall, unknown maker 135.00


Antique small Bulldog nodder, has glass eyes 9 x 5 x 4" w   595.00

Antique Boxer Nodder large dog. It has a great look. Glass eyes, felt type material cover. Have a couple of wear spots. Stud type collar, the loose stud on the back was realigned that shows in the pic. 20 x 11 x 7"   495.00



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